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Spirit of John Filson

Randy Filson's portrayal of John Filson

This website is dedicated to the families of Samuel Filson.  It is a place on the internet for his descendants to share family events, stories, history, and genealogy.  Anyone from the family may create Web pages on this domain ( and I highly encourage that everyone who wishes to do so contact me at

This web server was first built and put online in September, 2003.  It receives approximately 10 new visitors each day.  So, this is a pretty good place to come and be part of the 'family'.

Now, we need your help.  This site is just beginning, but we need a wish list from you.  We will write a section where you can post comments, make brief announcements (weddings, births, deaths, reunions, etc.), ask questions and/or vote on how we do business on this site.

You may view our comment/message section or add a comment.

The genealogical section was built around Judy FILSON Henselman and presently has a number of branches missing. Check out the family tree. A couple of Filsons have given me missing and or corrected information for our genealogy research section. Donald Greene was a great contributor to the research section and will be missed. You will enjoy seeing the work at Donald's website.

The famous Samuel Filson grave stone is shown while the writing was still visible.


Photographs from reunions and weddings.
If you email or send reunion pictures to us, we will place them on the reunion page.

Filson Family Reunion 2016
James and Joan Vardaman's Wedding
Filson Family Reunion 2015
Filson Family Reunion 2014
Filson Family Reunion 2013
Filson Family Reunion 2012
Filson Family Reunion 2011
Filson Family Reunion 2010
Filson Family Reunion 2009
Filson Family Reunion 2008 - New Pictures by Betty Wallace
Karrie's Working Mother Cover Story
Elizabeth's Wedding 2007
Filson Family Reunion 2007
New York City 2007
Filson Family Reunion 2006
2005 Newsletter
Filson Family Reunion 2005
News from the Filson Historical Society
Filson Family Reunion 2004
Jamey's Wedding - May 2004
Stephanie's wedding - May 2003
Filson Family Reunion 2003
Filson Family Reunion 2002
Filson Family Reunion 2001
Filson Family Reunion 2000
Filson Family Reunion 1999
Filson Family Reunion 1998
Filson Family Reunion 1909 loads slowly but worth the wait
Check out Donald A. Greene's research regarding the 1909 reunion.


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