I am very pleased to announce that the The Filson Historical Society has given us permission to make John Walton's "NOTES ON THE FILSON FAMILY" available to all Filsons. A big "Thank you" goes to James J. Holmberg, Curator of Special Collections, The Filson Historical Society.

I also need to thank all those in the family who are sharing information with us - particularly Randy and Ron Filson.

We also need to thank Beryle Dean Filson for keeping a copy of "THE FILSON CLUB HISTORY QUARTERLY", Vol. 26, No. 3.

At this time we have a PDF image file that should load fairly rapidly. This was scanned from our Beryle Dean Filson copy and is a reasonable image file. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click here to read John Walton's "NOTES ON THE FILSON FAMILY". If you do not have a PDF (Portable Document Format) reader, click Get Adobe Reader here.

We have a searchable text copy here, but be aware that it contains numerous OCR reader errors. However, the OCRed document is great for search purposes ... just go the the PDF file to verify and correct your documents. Remember that these files are for research purposes only. If you plan to use them for any purpose other than your private research, contact the Filson Historical Society for permission.